Dynamite Crapemyrtle
Common Name
Dynamite Crapemyrtle
Botanical Name
Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit II'   U.S. Plant Patent # 10296
20' Tall x 10' Wide
Likes full sun
Growth Rate
Slow (compared to other crapemyrtles)
Flowers: cherry red;  Buds: crimson;  Foliage: crimson new leaves
quickly change to
green;  Fall color: orange
Full Description
Dynamite® is the first true red crapemyrtle tree form. The cherry
red flowers generally appear by
early July and continue until frost.
Seed production is modest and do
not need to be removed in order to
have prolonged flowering. Dynamit
e® grows and flowers best when
NOT pruned back in the winter.
 Flowering is best in full sun.
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