Raspberry Sundae
Common Name
Raspberry Sundae Crapemyrtle
Botanical Name
Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit I'  U.S. Plant Patent # 10297
15-20' Tall x 10' Wide
Likes full sun but will tolerate part shade
Growth Rate
Slow (compared to other crapemyrtles)
Raspberry red with white margin.  Foliage: crimson new leaves,
change to bronze then to dark green. Fall color: orange
Full Description
Raspberry Sundae® has unique flowers, raspberry red with a touch
of white, which are distinctly fragrant. The plant is sterile, producing
only a very few seed pods. Growth habit of Raspberry Sundae® is
distinctly upright and columnar. Because viable seeds are not
produced, pruning is not required. Raspberry Sundae ® grows and
flowers best when NOT pruned back in the winter.  Remember,
pruning is always stunting. Flowering is best in full sun.
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