Rhapsody in Pink
Common Name
Rhapsody in Pink Crapemyrtle
Botanical Name
Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit VIII'
15' Tall x 10' Wide
Likes full sun but will tolerate part shade
Growth Rate
Slow (compared to other crapemyrtles)
Pink flowers that re-bloom for longer blooming period than any other
Full Description
Rhapsody in Pink™ is a vigorous grower with dark wine new growth
and soft pink flowers. Flowers appear in late
June or early July and
continue until frost. Rhapsody in Pink™ is seldom without flowers
during the growing season. Flowering is prolonged because it is
sterile or nearly so and new flower buds are formed on old flower
panicles. Mature leaves are smaller than typcial Lagerstroemia indica.