Native Fringetree
Common Name
White Fringetree,  Grancy graybeard or old man's beard
Botanical Name
Chionanthus virginicus
10-15' Tall x 8' Wide
Likes full sun but will tolerate part shade
Growth Rate
Slow (6-10" per year), upright, multistem growth
White flowers in April after the first light green leaves come out.  
Yellow fall color.
Full Description
One of the best native trees.  Due to its small size, they can find a
place in the smallest yards.  Large, 4-to 8-inch-long loose clusters of
lightly fragrant white flowers cover the white fringetree in spring for
about two weeks just as the leaves begin to emerge. Flowers start
opening in April in the Coastal Plains, and in early May inland.
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