Fringetrees, both native  and chinese are two of the most amazing trees I have
    found for the modern landscape.  Fringetrees  are outstanding, small, deciduous
    ornamental trees. Two species are available, the native white fringetree
    (Chionanthus virginicus) and the Chinese fringetree (Chionanthus retusus.) The
    botanical name translates as snow flower, an excellent description of the fluffy,
    white flowers that cover fringetrees in bloom. White fringetree, also known as
    Grancy graybeard or old man's beard, is native throughout the southeastern United
    States. Chinese fringetree is native to eastern Asia. Both species are adapted to all
    areas of Virginia as well as the surrounding states

    You can learn more about fringe trees here.

    Click on one of the names below to see details on each of these fringetrees.
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