Below are links to each of the Fruit trees that we are currently growing.  
    We decided to over a few fruit trees based on the constant requests we
    get for fruit trees.  We decided to focus on Apricot and Plum trees because
    they are both easier to grow and care for than some of the other fruits.
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President Plum
The President plum is a late ripening fruit that is a large,
round to oblong fruit with blue-black skin. Flesh is
fine-textured and yellow. It is a vigorous, upright tree that is
a heavy producer. It is one of the last plums to ripen in
Italian Plum
Plum-prune tree produces large, dark purple fruit, good for
both canning and drying. Self-fertile, but cross pollination
with another European Plum variety brings heavier crops.
Moorpark Apricot
Very large, sweet, juicy deep orange flesh. Smooth
golden-yellow skin with orange-red blush. Excellent for fresh
eating, canning or drying. Long ripening period, early
July to
late August. Self-fertile.
Perfection Apricot
One of the finest commercial apricots, Perfection bears
moderately early and produces large fruit. Flesh and skin are
a bright orange-yellow. Fruit has a firm texture.
Rival Apricot
Large, fine textured, deep orange fruit wiht mild to slightly
tart flavor.  Heavy crop production and self-fertile.
Van Cherry
Large, reddish black, sweet, Bing type fruit, excellent used
fresh or for cooking, canning and freezing. Bears heavy
annual crops. Good cold tolerance, split resistant, ripening
mid-June to early July. Pollinate with Bing, Royal Ann or
Royal Ann Cherry
Large, sweet, juicy, yellow blushed red fruit. Excellent for
fresh eating or processing. Heavy annual crops. Pollinate
with Montmorency, Stella or Van.